Do you want affirmation or consultancy?

We would like to shape a long-term partnership with your company. We act as your sounding board in constructive dialogue so that you can take your decisions. We derive our consultancy principles from successful client projects. The complexity of a networked gift card project demands careful planning, which is why we look for creative solutions and lucrative niches outside the box. We use the best methods and an innovative workshop design to lay out the road map for your successful gift card project.


  • Strategy workshop

  • Concept workshop

  • Creative workshop

  • Project management

  • Project success control

  • Market analysis


There’s only one opportunity for a first impression!

Gift cards are particularly valuable building blocks within your marketing strategy. More than any other advertising means, they implement substantial material value for your customers and bear significant image value for your company.
If they are to meet this challenge, they need to deliver optimal visual impact. Your brand promise needs to be distilled into just a few square centimetres. Our communications designers and art directors develop visual concepts with the utmost diligence and care and apply stringent quality standards. Decades of experience, measurable indicators of success and truly creative minds are irreplaceable! Our concepts are based on emotive visual communications, attract exceptional attention and embody a finely-honed alertness to the significance of your customers, who will gift the cards. The goal is to attract incomparable attention at the highest level of communications!


  • Brand strategy

  • Claims/slogans/naming

  • Product and screen design

  • Prototype design

  • 3D modelling and animation

  • POS media

  • Product packaging


Products your customers will love

Sadly, most conventional gift cards are made of plastic and glued onto unimaginative carrier cards without a great deal of attention to anything. To top it all off, these cards are displayed for sale in overloaded POS environments, next to batteries, condoms and chewing gum. Is this how we want to display emotive gifts that we would like to give to family, friends and customers? We would say, no. This is why we have set ourselves the goal of developing and producing different materials, shapes, carriers, packaging and POS displays. The s!ncNOVATION Group draws on its innovation and passion to develop solutions for presenting finely honed tools and creative modules both online and at POS. Customers reward our joint efforts with a high degree of attention and a great willingness to purchase the carefully designed gift card concepts developed by us.


  • Gift cards

  • Diversity of materials

  • Diversity of shapes

  • Diversity of finishings

  • Carrier systems

  • Packaging solutions

  • POS displays


Great success comes from small details.

As mentioned above, we want to be your sounding boards, that is we will engage fully with your preferences and needs. Above and beyond that we want to develop innovative projects together with you. Our strength lies in identifying and leveraging both upcoming trends and proven solutions to create new, successful products. This is where we also integrate current insights from neuro-marketing and behavioural psychology into our considerations. We point out the core factors for success to you and give you guidance regarding the targeted design, successful implementation and optimal control of your gift card program.


  • Target group analysis

  • Trend analysis

  • Advertising psychology

  • Consumer psychology

  • Multi-sensor approach


Just in time!

All you need is a few planes, conveyor belts, motor vehicles and enthusiastic co-workers who know exactly what they need to do when optimally and most cost-effectively. That is what makes perfect logistics.
We have grown together with our clients. We have been shaped by the challenge of distributing POS materials all across Europe. Reliable partners, good planning and a great deal of personal commitment take care of tight deadlines and narrow time slots. Comprehensive, closely networked campaigns using multi-channel sales require reliable, high-performing logistics, above all when gift cards form a core part of a holistic marketing strategy.


  • Merchandise management

  • Merchandise stocking

  • Merchandise labelling

  • Returns

  • Restocking of merchandise-specific marketing materials

  • Reporting