Customised advent calendars for Christmas

During the Christmas season, advent calendars featuring your company logo and a design adapted to your target group offer a perfect opportunity for your customer loyalty programme. Filled with fine chocolates from selected German manufacturers, snacks, give-aways or voucher cards for your company, these calendars will continue to boost your customer frequency even after the holiday season.

We can fill your calendars with up to two individual promotional cards. You can also have the inside pages of the 24 calendar doors printed with custom marketing materials such as QR codes and coupons or your personal texts and motifs. The rear of the calendars offers space for eye-catching season’s greetings, competitions or creative campaign materials.

Happy Easter with Easter boxes

A large chocolate egg filled with your promotional card and fine chocolates, packaged in a custom-printed box in your corporate design: our Easter boxes are a perfect loyalty reward around this holiday.

Integrated promotional cards provide further touchpoints to connect people with your company. Combine these with a competition or use voucher cards to encourage further purchases at the point of sale or in your online store. You have the option of adding one or two promotional cards to your chocolate egg, and you have a choice between various packaging designs.

Back-to-school treat bags as a marketing tool

The start of school is a great occasion for gifts, along with birthdays and holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Back-to-school treat bags are very effective promotional materials, which you can use to boost customer loyalty at the start of the school year. We can customise a range of treat bags in line with your preferred design and contents. Integrated, individually designed promotional cards with competitions or flexible online vouchers create additional contact points with your company.

Fan boxes for current sporting events

Use sporting events such as the Football World Cup for your marketing campaigns and offer your customers individualised fan boxes with up to two promotional cards. We print your boxes and voucher cards with your individual contents and fill your boxes.

Wellbeing boxes for bolstering staff loyalty

Help your employees relax and let go of stress while improving their job satisfaction – reward their hard work with wellbeing boxes to help them unwind after work. Our wellbeing gift ideas appeal to all five senses: hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing and feeling. These high-quality gift boxes can be filled with a wide variety of products and printed with your individual message to your employees.

Make it individual

Selection box: customised products
Use customisation to create additional incentives for purchases. Customers love to add individual designs to your products to surprise their loved ones with personalised gifts.

We develop and produce customisable selection boxes, which can be individually filled with your products and printed with your customers’ personal greetings or motifs. We offer the right printed products for marketing in retail outlets or as online promotions.

Promotional cards and online codes: attract more attention to your brand
Add promotional card inserts to your product packaging or have these printed with personalised codes that encourage your customers to buy and engage further with your products. Well-placed eye-catchers on your product packaging draw your customers’ attention to your marketing campaign and your products at the point of sale.

By enclosing promotional cards and personal promotional codes, you allow your customers to configure and order the product they would like to customise online. Gift cards for your company are another popular option: customers can select the motifs of their choice, and we print and deliver the gift cards to their homes.