Security Policy Statement – SINC NOVATION d.o.o.

SINC NOVATION recognizes that an effective protection program must address the entire product cycle including design, development, production, distribution, application, maintenance and disposal of products and any related data. Safety is one of our priorities. SINC NOVATION strives to incorporate security principles into its products and work environment. SINC NOVATION applies a risk-based approach that recognizes that purpose, use, user environment and other important factors affect the type and level of required security.

Access to the product cycle

SINC NOVATION monitors information on vulnerabilities, incidents, and other cyber security threats to identify and minimize security risks throughout the product cycle. In addition, SINC NOVATION strives to implement timely security measures and updates in a way that reduces any impact on the intended use, safety, and effectiveness of the product or on the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the linked data.

Cooperation with partners

SINC NOVATION actively asks its partners and suppliers to apply the standards that our organization adheres to. SINC NOVATION informs customers and other stakeholders about vulnerabilities and incidents that may affect the safety and security of the products we manufacture.

Compliance with requirements ISO/IEC 27001 and NIST cyber–Security Framework, laws and regulatory bodies

SINC NOVATION hereby ensures the establishment of risk assessment methodologies and guidelines for dealing with risks, a framework for setting safety objectives, development of continuity plans, raising awareness of safety, continuous monitoring of the progress of the protection mechanism, and continuous improvement of the security management system.


Vladislav Ivanović